Oculus Patent | Connector assembly for detachable audio system

Patent: Connector assembly for detachable audio system

Publication Number: 10182284

Publication Date: 2019-01-15

Applicants: Oculus


A connector assembly mountable to a head strap comprises a connector plate with an engagement portion and a threaded attachment member projecting therefrom. Two cylindrical bosses are adjacent to the attachment member and project away from the engagement portion. Spring-biased pin connectors extend through the bosses and connect electrical line coupled to the engagement portion. The pin connectors have retractable tips projecting from their respective boss for engagement with an electrical contact.


Virtual-reality head-mounted displays have wide applications in various fields, including engineering design, medical surgery practice, military simulated practice, and video gaming. For example, a user wears a virtual-reality head-mounted display integrated with audio headphones while playing video games so that the user can have an interactive experience in an immersive virtual environment.

However, it may be difficult for a user to properly adjust and comfortably wear the head-mounted displays and the integrated audio systems using the existing technology, which may negatively affect the user’s experience.


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